Martín José Montero Martínez

    Born in Mexico City. on the 30th of January 1968.

    Technologist at the IMTA’s Water “B”  from 2016-present.

    Specialist at the IMTA’s Hydraulics “IV” from 2014-2016.

    Assistant manager at the SMN’s Environmental Atmosphere Monitor from 2011-2013.

    Specialist at the IMTA’s Hydraulics “IV” from 2003-2011.

    Specialist at the IMTA’s Hydraulics “III” from 2000-2003.

    Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, 1989.

    Masters degree in Science, Geophysics. National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1993.

    Doctorate degree in Atmospheric Science, University of Arizona, 1998.

    Post Doctorate (1 year), University of Dalhousie, Canada, 1999.

    Research stays in Japan (2009) and Australia (2010).

    12 publications in indexed journals, 9 book chapters, 2 books (coordinator), 1 copyright, 20+ technical project reports. 7 completed theses at the bachelor’s degree level and another at the master’s degree level.

    Current lines of research: Scale reduction techniques, Homogenization, Climate Change Indexes.


    Most relevant recent products

    The basin of Conchos river: a scientific perspective in the face of climate change, 2017. Martín José Montero Martínez y Oscar Fidencio Ibáñez Hernández, coordinadores. ISBN 978-607-9368-90-0. Jiutepec, Mor. Mexican Water Technology Institute, p. 267.

    González-Villela, R., and M.J. Montero-Martínez, 2018. Effects of climate change on water availability for the Usumacinta river environmental flow (Mexico). Int. J. Sus. Dev. Plann., 13(3), 469–481.

    Montero-Martínez, M. J., Santana-Sepúlveda, J. S., Pérez-Ortiz, N. I., Pita-Díaz, O., and Castillo-Liñan, S., 2018. Comparing climate change indices between a northern (arid) and a southern (humid) basin in Mexico during the last decades. Adv. Sci. Res., 15, 231-237,


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