Marina Kriscautzky Laxague

    Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy from the UNAM faculty of Philosophy and Literature. Masters degree in Science with a major in Educational Research from the Educational Research Department CINVESTAV-IPN and a Doctorate degree in Science with a major in Educational Research in the area of Psycholinguistics from the CINVESTAV-IPN. Both her theses were aided by Dr. Emilia Ferreiro. She has worked on diverse projects from digital literacy, teaching research and teaching material development for language and math to teacher training for the basic, middle, and higher education levels. She has been in charge of the Technologies for Education office since 2001 -h@bitat Puma- which is part of the Computing, Information and Communication Technologies General Directorate of the UNAM in which she has trained teachers in the use of technology as a support tool in middle and higher education levels, the evaluation of digital abilities and the development of teaching strategies that integrate the use of technology for learning.

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