María del Carmen Cruz Carbajal

    Her taste for mathematics and the sciences along with her desire to forge part of the digital future have led her to study engineering in mechatronics at the UPIITA of the IPN, she gained a solid knowledge in designing and creating products that involve control systems, intelligent processes, and complex tools for facilitating human activities through electronic processes. Her professional career during six years has been at the Works and Hydraulics Office at the IMTA in the area of instrumentation. She has contributed to the development and implementation of flow measurement system technologies in the area of hydraulics, which has resulted in four patents and two brands. She has collaborated in technical articles and speaking events in national congresses. Currently, she has been active in the private sector and is the co-founder and COO of Instrutrónica, a tech-based company that arose as an IMTA spin-off. Instrutrónica is a part of industry 4.0 and presently has projects with the public and private sectors dedicated to water networks, climatology, civil engineering and more.

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