Juan Antonio Galindo García

    Juan Antonio Galindo García is from the city of Cuautla, he got his master’s degree in Computer Science at the National Technological Research and Development Center (CENIDET) in the city of Cuernavaca Morelos. In 2011 he was a professor at the Cuautla Technological Institute. From 2011-2014 he was a professor at the Milpa Alta Technological Institute in Mexico City. he began working at the Cuautla Water Utility In 2014 in and continues there to present day. He is the creator of the application “Guía Cuautla” for Android devices which uses an Augmented Reality motor along with geolocation techniques to permit users to find the most representative historical, cultural and recreational sites in the municipality of Cuautla and surrounding areas. Additionally, he developed a software program for the Cuautla Water Utility that permits the creation, editing, and publishing of its hydraulic and sanitation networks using Google Maps as a base so that they could be consulted in real-time and from any device connected to the internet.

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