Water management data

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Water management data is used to bring information together and process it, as well as obtain relevant points that support a more efficient use of water.

Water is a vital resource that cannot be substituted, by nature it is the most irreplaceable element for life.

It is used in agriculture, industry, public supply, and energy production. The minimum supply that must be had is 100 liters per inhabitant per day (OMS 2011).

To make efficient use of this resource it is necessary to quantify and track it from the supply source on to the treatment end, which is why meters and sensors are installed that generate a large quantity of data.

Applying a variety of predictive algorithms to the data generated, many things can be detected such as how the water is used, as well as problems in quality and quantity.

This type of information can allow authorities to take better decisions concerning improvements and water management efficiencies in real-time.

In California (United States) data is used from intelligent water meters through correlation patterns to look for the users that are using the more water than is warranted and give them notice of excessive use.

Water management data

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