Technology, Education and tendencies

Technology, Education and tendencies. A paradigm shift in education is now necessary, one that is aided by emerging technologies where all of the learning fields can be improved. In like manner, it is necessary to modify the archetype of the creation of technologists, professionals and scientists, through adaptive learning technologies that prepare them for the innovation and development that the fourth industrial revolution demands.

University 4.0 is based on four aspects: 1) a new work model designed with a matrix of human and artificial intelligence as a knowledge base, 2) deepening cooperation 3) a tendency to capitalize on knowledge through the acquisition of intellectual property rights, and 4) is geared towards the transfer of new values in the creation of new academic environments and driving new endeavors.

Disruption in the university is fueled by a virtuous innovation cycle, transforming processes and academic practices in the creation of human resources that are prepared to develop high technology.

For The Media Consortium (TMC) long-term educational tendencies in technology include cultural innovation advances and deep-learning focuses; in the mid-term, growth in the interest of education analytics and the redesigning of learning spaces; and in the short term, the design of hybrid and collaborative learning.

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