Data revolution

The data revolution is a change in perspective concerning about human beings’ capability of taking decisions that is based on analysis and a digital processing of large amounts of information.

Our digital universe is in constant expansion, more data is being generated everyday from distinct sources, for example, Google processes more than 24 petabytes of data per day, a volume that represents the totality of printed material stored in the Library of Congress in the United States thousands of times over.

In this new world, we can analyze, and process much more data that might be related to a determined phenomena, upon using all related data, details can be appreciated that we could never see when we were limited to smaller quantities.

There is also a great quantity of data generated in the water sector, from meteorological stations, to remote sensors, drones, satellites, digital flow meters and smartphones, to name some of the most common tools. These will serve to provide more rapid and efficient responses, as well as drive optimum decision making in favor of more sustainable water use.

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