Contribution of technology to water security

The contribution of technology to water security is to implement strategies based on disruptive technologies that guarantee sufficient water in quality and quantity for diverse uses, with accessible and fair pricing.

The principal factors that induce or increase the risks for water security are: demographic processes, the need for more food production, a bigger demand for water in energy production, the effects of climate change and deficient water management.  

In this context, tendencies related to these processes in Mexico and the world over are analyzed; their primary characteristics are highlighted and recommendations are made in order to prioritize their focus and achieve water security.

Disruptive technologies are proposed for use in the development of improvements in tactics and methods that bring about water security, an ideal objective is to predict what is going to happen. The more data that is available regarding what is happening, the more possibilities there will be to jump ahead and adapt to what will come.

To meet these current and future challenges head-on, the contributions of innovation, science and technology must be united.

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